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15 July 2010 @ 12:41 am
song 18: once upon a december  

He-ey, I have this SHINY NEW WIDGET now! Exciting, y/n?

Anyway, trying to get back into the swing of things -- I keep saying that, I know, but I lost my singing voice for about three weeks with a lingering cold, and MUSIC IS HARRRRD, and mostly I have been panicking and brooding about applying to Duquesne University and waiting for them to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING, and somewhere in the middle of this I turned twenty? What? It is all very peculiar. Am trying to BEAT the lyrics out of me; why are they so slow? So instead you get a rather unexpected sort of cover hearkening back to MY CHILDHOOD. Anastasia was my very favourite film when I was eight and this song has always tasted of magic to me. My obsession with the film as a wee lass led to a larger obsession with the Romanovs, and by extension, the Russian Revolution, and from there it was just a tiny leap to the general political upheaval of the early twentieth century and the First World War, and... my novel. Which, thus far, contains absolutely no mention of Russia whatsoever, but owes quite a lot to many childhood viewings of my Anastasia VHS all the same. So this is all rather dear to me.

Shiny things: discovered that you can, like, DOWNLOAD EFFECTS for Audacity. I KNOW. So that made me feel all proper-musiciany and fancy. Also there is a guest appearance from a tiny hand-cranked music box that the magnificent lady_moriel got me in England last Christmas and which I have been trying to find a song to fit in for an age. ♥

(Apologies for THE GIDDY; I may have had Excedrin recently CAFFEINE IS GREAT)
Charis M. Ellisoncharismitaine on July 15th, 2010 06:14 am (UTC)
That is gorgeous. Really, really beautiful--I think I may love your version more than the original (and ever so much more than the version my high school choir did!). I liked Anastasia a lot (if it had arrived a few years earlier I probably would have been obsessed with it, I think) but most of all I loved the soundtrack.

Shiny new widget is shiny! I am excited about the new widget.